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About us Welcome to your customs clearance partner who will accompany you on all fronts

Illustration TDX

Do you like stories?

Once upon a time, there was a customs clearance hero named TDX, who was acclaimed by his clients for his famous, trusted know-how. He gallantly helped them accomplish international import/export customs operations for ever happier shipments.

10 years later, he was preparing for his coronation! A long-awaited moment. Unfortunately, one beautiful summer’s day in 2014, the fiery monsters decided otherwise... and began to ravage everything in their path. TDX was down. Thanks to the remarkable support of his TDXers and his allies, he rose again from the ashes, only a few days after the fire.

A hero never dies. Like any hero, TDX became once again what he had been before: your customs clearance expert, saviour of your international shipments!

En route pour une nouvelle aventure chez TDX

The art of customs clearance

All this paperwork to send your parcels from one side of Europe to the other... Not always easy! Customs formalities to be completed here, taxes to be paid there. Your parcels already have a long journey behind them, but they end up being blocked in customs.

Sending something abroad can be something of a battle... Take heart! With its key services to hand, TDX – your customs clearance hero – will make your life easier. So put the hassle behind you and leave the customs clearance of your shipments to TDX as soon as possible!

Our customs solutions for private customers

Our customs solutions for business customers

Our glorious story

Our name is TDX. We do customs clearance for import and export but that is not all... We also try to make your parcels smile: take a good look at them once you have them in your hands!



    It all started at a business meeting in 2003

    Guy, a salesman who travelled the roads of the Mulhouse region at the wheel of his white Peugeot 206, took the crazy gamble of saying, in the middle of a meeting: “What if we opened our own customs clearance office?” In point of fact, nothing of the sort existed. These few words were the beginning of our wonderful story. A few months later, TDX – called TD EXPRESS SERVICES by its first employees – saw the light of day.



    That year, the desire to create our own customs service became a reality.

    Goods came from all over Europe: France, Germany and England. Yet there were only three people managing the customs activity. The secret of their success: dedication, trust and quality of service.



    The adventure continued

    Packages from the Netherlands were arriving en masse! That was not all; TDX adapted its services and opened them up to BtoC shipments as well. Pierre, Martine, Sophie, Nicolas and many others have entrusted the customs clearance of their parcels to TDX. Tomorrow, this could be you too!



    E-dec export

    The brand-new Swiss tool for export customs clearance, of which TDX is a certified user. A further step towards digital transformation. You might be relieved to know that we have not yet turned into robots!



    Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

    In 2012, we were awarded the internationally recognised European customs seal of confidence. How does this help you? Our being an AEO means that you benefit from simplified customs processes and can send your international shipments securely.



    Faster and faster

    The TDX family grew with the acquisition of a border clearance company (Basel – Saint-Louis Autoroute platform), which gave them a strategic gateway between France and Switzerland. Your goods pass through customs in no time! Faster and faster. More and more simple. Closer and closer. And all for your benefit.



    An ever-expanding presence

    TDX’s next expansion was on the Liechtenstein side, when we acquired the border clearance company FL Logistik (Schaanwald). Whether for import or export formalities to Switzerland or Austria, we are there for you.



    The new face of TDX

    Haven’t you seen the new face of TDX yet? Look this way

    If you've read our story, you'll remember that the TDX site was ravaged by fire in 2014. An ordeal for all TDXers, which made them even stronger than before! Once a hero, always a hero. TDX’s activities survived, and normal service was resumed two days after the incident. In 2016, the new face of TDX emerged and the adventure continued.



    “Change is now” could be the customs department’s motto.

    New organisation, training courses, new offices, new software and IT tools. Because your customs clearance is our concern.



    We are Brexit-ready and your parcels are smiling!

    Note to self: oh Boris, you are really putting us through it. Deal? No deal?

    • New border crossing procedures
    • The adaptation of our processes
    • The legal stability of our customs activity

    We at TDX are more than ready to clear your parcels from or to Her Majesty's realm. TDX, “Save The Queen”!


    2020 and beyond

    Admit it, you're dying to hear the rest of this wonderful story. Why not come and make history with us?