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Moving house

With TDX, your move is a success!

As you will know, moving to or from a foreign country means not just packing your boxes, but also clearing everything through customs. Think about it, your belongings are also looking forward to settling into your new home!

For an arrival abroad that brings home the bacon: TDX will guide you through the documents you need to provide, support you in obtaining your certificates and tell you if you are eligible for total exemption from customs duties and taxes.

In one week, it's the big day. No, I'm not getting married, I'm moving... across the border!

Not so fast! Haven’t you maybe forgotten something?

It was too good to be true! Rats... Only four days left, how am I going to get through customs with all my boxes?

It's not that complicated: contact TDX and your move can go ahead!

Alex, it's okay!

What are you talking about, Lisa?

Look, here are the keys to our second home across the border. We are leaving tomorrow!

Life is smiling on us. But, tell me, what did you do, to get it all sorted so splendidly and so fast?

I didn’t do a thing! It was TDX, you know — the customs clearance specialist — who took care of everything.

The advantages of TDX

Easier administrative procedures

A fast, smooth border crossing

How does it work?

1. Contact TDX

Find out more

2. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible

3. Choose whichever of our customs solutions is best for you

4. Move house with complete peace of mind

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